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China's high-speed rail has already become a enough to represent the "made in China" level "business card"

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-12-31   Source:土佬哥國際商貿網   Browse Times:3725
China's high-speed rail has already become a enough to represent the "made in China" level "business card"
        Invite foreign leaders take the high-speed rail, to experience China's high-speed rail's passion and dream. On November 25, the state council premier li keqiang, with 16 central and eastern Europe leaders take high-speed rail from Suzhou to Shanghai, really experience the "China speed", "at a time.Li keqiang, the prime minister is to promote China's high-speed rail at the scene. Super salesman's message from China high iron technology of identity. At present, our country has mastered the high-speed railway construction and equipment manufacturing and other fields of the core technology, and initially formed the high-speed railway technical standard system.

Reform is also a revolution, promote the development of productivity. The reform of the enterprises by high technology, easily by drilling, and rely on is unyielding pursuit and fighting spirit. Since 2008, when China's first high-speed railway, Beijing Tianjin inter-city railway operation since the rapid development of China's high-speed rail project, total mileage has reached 10000 kilometers, in the world.

More than the Chinese high-speed rail the dream never give up.At present, the high-speed railway in our country is the world's fastest growing, most complete system technology, high-speed railway integration ability of the strongest and longest running mileage, operating speed, the highest building of the largest countries. China’s high-speed trains because of its convenient and quick, safe and reliable, green environmental protection, smooth and comfortable, like Americans, not just foreigners like China's high-speed rail, too.

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